I’m just a stay-at-home mom of two, with two in Heaven. I’ve been married to my best friend, Josh, since August 2015. I’m passionate about normalizing Down Syndrome and reducing the number of Down Syndrome diagnosis related abortions.

When I was first introduced to the Down Syndrome community, I was heartbroken to learn that in the U.S. over 60% of pregnancies where the baby is suspected of having Down Syndrome end in abortion. I realized from my own experience, as well as reading numerous articles, blog posts, and just internet comments in general, the overwhelming majority of people are ignorant about what Down Syndrome really is and what it entails. I can’t fault anyone because, after all, I was ignorant as well until I joined this community. The more families I connected with, and the more ignorant comments I read, or heard, I realized I didn’t want to just fade into the crowd and not try to change the way people view Down Syndrome. I can’t be upset about a lack of knowledge if I’m not willing to educate.

Aside from blogging, I love Jesus, my family, coffee, reading, nerdy stuff, politics, and my cat.